City Living

You want to live in the city because you have an active life, you like to walk everywhere or to move around in your car because you don't have much time. Also, you want to live near the beach or have a view of the beach or bay. You also like to have multiple alternatives for dining, shopping and entertainment. 

We recommend the following locations in the city:

Condado, San Juan - it has modern residential buildings with luxury amenities, offers multiple alternatives of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and spectacular views of the beach. 

  • Miramar, San Juan - located in the art and music district of San Juan. Presents the bohemian side of the city.
  • One of the most iconic buildings of San Juan is located here: Cosmopolitan. 

If on the other hand, for you it is not important to have an ocean view but you need ample space, a patio with a private pool, a garage for your cars and privacy, we recommend that you look the following:

  • Santa Maria & Montehiedra, San Juan - is located in the suburbs of San Juan. Very exclusive gated community for families
  • Guaynabo - Guaynabo city has a good concentration of exclusive communities with luxury properties in both urbanizations centrally located in the city and also in the more rural areas of Guaynabo, surrounded by nature and tropical greenery.

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